Financial Friday

Might we suggest you seriously consider starting with a "No Spend" month? I'm in the middle of a "No Spend" month right now (practicing what I coach). Think about it, then join us in April (of course) when we make it official and do a No Spend Challenge.  Click here and join the list - … Continue reading Financial Friday

Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself

I don't remember the first place I read or heard the phrase, "Stop shoulding on yourself" but it was big in the self-help circles I was addicted to (*ahem*), I spent my formative years in. The basic idea was that using "should" to describe all the things you weren't doing that you had been told … Continue reading Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself

You’re Just Not Ready

In November, I invited everyone to a free workshop where we would begin working through a new system of identifying (articulating) what your true (authenticating) desires were. Four people registered, three showed up. I'd set up for twenty-five.  The next workshop is this Saturday. We're going to delve a little deeper in order to establish … Continue reading You’re Just Not Ready

Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones. What does yours look like? What does it have in it? I’ll show you mine first. Yes, it's a grave yard. Why? Because my comfort zone, as it’s most often used, is where my dreams / goals / aspirations go to die. Seriously. Grim, I know, but ultimately, inside my comfort zone I … Continue reading Comfort Zones

So, I Did a Thing…

On December 2nd, I stood on a stage, in a convention center in New York City, in front of over 2500 people (most identified as women and or were born female; there were maybe six cis-males) and caressed myself all over to the soulful, sensual sounds of The Art of Noise's "Moments in Love" - the exact version … Continue reading So, I Did a Thing…

Did You Miss It?

The Next Chapter invited you to start prepping for 2018 earlier this month by attending our live "On Your Mark" workshop. Did you miss it? Well no problem. Click HERE to sign up to receive the information and exercises from On Your Mark. You're just in time to Get Set for the next workshop in … Continue reading Did You Miss It?

Registration is NOW OPEN!

Hey. A few days ago I asked you to reflect for a few moments on 2017 so far.  Today, I'm announcing that registration is open for the first of two FREE 2018 planning sessions I'm hosting. Aptly titled, On Your Mark - this first workshop will help you articulate your goals. In other words, I'm … Continue reading Registration is NOW OPEN!

On Your Mark

Yes, I know it's a touch early to be talking about the new year. We still have three and a half months to go but I wanted to plant this seed; get you thinking about the year ahead and the many ways The Next Chapter can help you turn the page from dreaming about the … Continue reading On Your Mark