Work It Out Wednesday

Are you ready to shake a few calories from your day? Let's get a quick cardio workout in shall we? We so love The Fitness Marshall here at The Next Chapter :-).  Here's to making fitness fun :-).  Thanks for joining us!  Until next time... Sending Love and Light, The Next Chapter

Who Says Fitness Can’t Be FUN!

Source Material: The Fitness Marshall - YouTube The Fitness Marshall - Website   How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply There's really nothing to say here other than I LOVE how fun these short, cardio (!!!) workouts are. I don't need to set aside a whole lot of time, I can put one on when … Continue reading Who Says Fitness Can’t Be FUN!

Walk It Out

Source Material Fitbit Flex , Fitbit Charge (now only available in generation 2 versions) Nerd Fitness How to Walk to Mordor The Mile a Day Challenge Tim's Fitness Success Story How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply When I first got my Fitbit Flex (I'd won it in a fitness challenge at work), I wanted … Continue reading Walk It Out

Gettin’ It In

Source Material: The Scientific Seven Minute Work Out - New York Times online. The Advanced Scientific Seven Minute Work Out - New York Times online. The Scientific Seven Minute and Advanced Seven Minute Work Out Ap - New York Times online. How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply I began sneaking exercise into my work day … Continue reading Gettin’ It In

No Shirt, no shoes…no problem.

Source Material Nerd Fitness Beginner Body Weight Routine (free) - Steve Kamb Nerd Fitness Yoga Program (paid) - Steve Kamb Yoga with Adriene (free, YouTube), 30 Days of Yoga How I Adapt / Adopt / Apply Common excuse I was giving myself as a means of getting out of taking walks on my lunch hour … Continue reading No Shirt, no shoes…no problem.

You’ve Got to Move It, Move It

    Source Material: Articles by and found on - James Clear." The Blog of James Clear. James Clear, n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2015. "Stop Taking Advice from the Dark Side. There's a Better Way to Get Healthy.” Nerd Fitness Home. Steve Kamb. Web. 11 Dec. 2015.   How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply … Continue reading You’ve Got to Move It, Move It