Face Your Fear and Do It Anyway!

My new mantra / prayer / countdown to action, "What Would I Do (in this or that situation) if I Wasn't Afraid?" I've invited so many people to work with me in getting their books written, in setting and fulfilling their desires. Registrations to my programs is open right now and out of ALL of … Continue reading Face Your Fear and Do It Anyway!

Come Meet “the Press”…

Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC, that is. In case you didn't know, lol. I'm officially 'open for business' with Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC. I've done a few introductions here and there since the grand opening, but meh - I wanted to do something BIG. Alas, as a new business, the budget for … Continue reading Come Meet “the Press”…

April No Spend Challenge Check In and other news.

I'm halfway through this month's challenge - 30 days of not spending money on anything other than groceries, gas, and bills. The first 13 days were a success. Yesterday however, I dipped into the wallet and bought lunch for the hubs and I, and got my car washed. Oh well. I'm back at it though … Continue reading April No Spend Challenge Check In and other news.

Financial Friday

Might we suggest you seriously consider starting with a "No Spend" month? I'm in the middle of a "No Spend" month right now (practicing what I coach). Think about it, then join us in April (of course) when we make it official and do a No Spend Challenge.  Click here and join the list - … Continue reading Financial Friday

A New Way to Look at Self-Care

The Real Life Living Presentation Series is off to a great start. The first presentation was held on Saturday, February 10th. A small group of us gathered to learn all about the "art" of Self-Care. One attendee had this to say.... "I never know where I'll find a nugget of information. The session provided me … Continue reading A New Way to Look at Self-Care

As We Practice Living Outside Our Comfort Zones…

I found this interview with Tim Ferriss to be excellent in addressing the fears we may face as we move outside our comfort zones... Enjoy. If you're in the ATL metro area, next Saturday I'm hosting The Next Chapter Real Life Living, February Presentation. For more information and to register to attend, click HERE. Seating … Continue reading As We Practice Living Outside Our Comfort Zones…

It Wouldn’t Be Called a Challenge if it Were Going to be Easy.

Yeah, so, it's February 4th already. I'm four days into this month's challenge - 28 Days of Self-Love.  Not self-care, which to me is all about long showers, eating good food, getting manicures / pedicures, and taking time each day to just be. Self-Love can be the same thing, but I'm stretching out in order … Continue reading It Wouldn’t Be Called a Challenge if it Were Going to be Easy.

Meditating on Meditation

And that's a wrap on this, our first monthly challenge here at The Next Chapter. I used the Create Space Meditation Kit by Danielle LaPorte to guide me through my daily (*ahem*) meditation practice.  Here are my Challenge stats: Days completed first thing in the morning = 17 Days completed before bed in the evening … Continue reading Meditating on Meditation

Recommended: More on Meditation

I've challenged my clients to their first monthly challenge of 2018 by declaring January to be Meditation Month. I issued the challenge January 1st, offered a couple of chances to win a free meditation kit from Danielle LaPorte, and now, want to share a FREE webinar series from the folks at Sounds True. They're hosting … Continue reading Recommended: More on Meditation

Did You Miss It?

The Next Chapter invited you to start prepping for 2018 earlier this month by attending our live "On Your Mark" workshop. Did you miss it? Well no problem. Click HERE to sign up to receive the information and exercises from On Your Mark. You're just in time to Get Set for the next workshop in … Continue reading Did You Miss It?