April No Spend Challenge Check In and other news.

I'm halfway through this month's challenge - 30 days of not spending money on anything other than groceries, gas, and bills. The first 13 days were a success. Yesterday however, I dipped into the wallet and bought lunch for the hubs and I, and got my car washed. Oh well. I'm back at it though … Continue reading April No Spend Challenge Check In and other news.

Financial Friday

Might we suggest you seriously consider starting with a "No Spend" month? I'm in the middle of a "No Spend" month right now (practicing what I coach). Think about it, then join us in April (of course) when we make it official and do a No Spend Challenge.  Click here and join the list - … Continue reading Financial Friday

Financial Friday

There are all kinds of programs, services, and what not out there that are geared toward helping you manage your finances. We've used several to cobble together a strategy that works for us. As our circumstances change, so does our strategy. We've recently become aware of videos on Youtube by a group under the name … Continue reading Financial Friday

Mid-life, CRISIS

Source Material The Power of Broke by Daymond John My mom 🙂 How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply I am 50 years old. I have $131 in savings. I am married, my husband is retired military, his benefits pay "his" bills, we live on my income. My truck is 15 years old and stops cold … Continue reading Mid-life, CRISIS

Can’t Buy Me Love

Source Material Marketing materials for various writing, self-awareness / acceptance, and women's empowerment, I've received or looked up over the last year and a half. I won't call out any particular business or guru because, well...lawsuits frighten me. But I may link to them just so you know I'm not making these prices up. Also, … Continue reading Can’t Buy Me Love

What Gets Tracked Can be Changed

Source Material The source for what follows isn't concrete - I've had the process applied to many different areas in my life. Today, I'm using it to talk about money management (because this is the Friday Finance post).  :-). How I Apply / Adopt / Adapt How much money do you spend each day? On what … Continue reading What Gets Tracked Can be Changed

What to do When Life Gives Not Two @#$%’s About Your Budget or Savings Goals

Source Material Mom, "Don't let it keep you down" My personal life... The War of Art by Steven Pressfield How I Adapt / Adopt / Apply Tell me, has this ever happened to you? You set a budget then pass on all the fabulous stuff you want that just happens to be "on sale", in order … Continue reading What to do When Life Gives Not Two @#$%’s About Your Budget or Savings Goals

Money, money, money…

Source Material Money Drunk, Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom by Julia Cameron & Mark Bryan. I Was Broke. Now I'm Not - Joseph Sangl Ashaunda Davis - Financial Coach Mom & Grandma How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply It I'll just put this out there, I "struggle" when it comes to saving … Continue reading Money, money, money…