Recommended: More on Meditation

I've challenged my clients to their first monthly challenge of 2018 by declaring January to be Meditation Month. I issued the challenge January 1st, offered a couple of chances to win a free meditation kit from Danielle LaPorte, and now, want to share a FREE webinar series from the folks at Sounds True. They're hosting … Continue reading Recommended: More on Meditation

The Next Chapter – Mediation Month

From the lovely Wikipedia: Meditation can be defined as a practice where an individual focuses his or her mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.[1] Meditation may be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.[2] It may be done while sitting, repeating a mantra, … Continue reading The Next Chapter – Mediation Month

Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones. What does yours look like? What does it have in it? I’ll show you mine first. Yes, it's a grave yard. Why? Because my comfort zone, as it’s most often used, is where my dreams / goals / aspirations go to die. Seriously. Grim, I know, but ultimately, inside my comfort zone I … Continue reading Comfort Zones

Did You Miss It?

The Next Chapter invited you to start prepping for 2018 earlier this month by attending our live "On Your Mark" workshop. Did you miss it? Well no problem. Click HERE to sign up to receive the information and exercises from On Your Mark. You're just in time to Get Set for the next workshop in … Continue reading Did You Miss It?

Financial Friday

There are all kinds of programs, services, and what not out there that are geared toward helping you manage your finances. We've used several to cobble together a strategy that works for us. As our circumstances change, so does our strategy. We've recently become aware of videos on Youtube by a group under the name … Continue reading Financial Friday

Want the Secret to Realizing Your Goals for 2018?

Start prepping for achievement in 2017! That's right. If you want to reach those 2018 goals then start now, and do it without spending hundreds on life coaches, gurus, webinars, seminars, retreats, or workbooks. How? By attending two FREE workshops with The Next Chapter! These FREE, 90-minute Saturdays—On Your Mark (November 18th), Get Set (December … Continue reading Want the Secret to Realizing Your Goals for 2018?

#RiseandGrind – We’re all about it.

The Next Chapter sought to up its game, so to speak, after reading Daymond John's book, The Power of Broke. By the end of that book - all about how a 'broke' kid in NYC managed to hustle his way to a billion dollar business - we'd decided to do all we could to eliminate … Continue reading #RiseandGrind – We’re all about it.