Did You Miss It?

The Next Chapter invited you to start prepping for 2018 earlier this month by attending our live "On Your Mark" workshop. Did you miss it? Well no problem. Click HERE to sign up to receive the information and exercises from On Your Mark. You're just in time to Get Set for the next workshop in … Continue reading Did You Miss It?

Self-Care Sunday

There are so many experts, so many ways to find happiness lose weight feel better get out of debt live a more centered life blah, blah, blah.  Then why aren't "we" doing it?  This may provide a little insight... So love TED and TEDx.  We recommend you check 'em out, there are podcasts, the YouTube … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday

Financial Friday

There are all kinds of programs, services, and what not out there that are geared toward helping you manage your finances. We've used several to cobble together a strategy that works for us. As our circumstances change, so does our strategy. We've recently become aware of videos on Youtube by a group under the name … Continue reading Financial Friday

Work It Out Wednesday

Are you ready to shake a few calories from your day? Let's get a quick cardio workout in shall we? We so love The Fitness Marshall here at The Next Chapter :-).  Here's to making fitness fun :-).  Thanks for joining us!  Until next time... Sending Love and Light, The Next Chapter

Profiles in Living Out Loud, #2

Please check out Jess Baker. She blogs over on, ahem...that other popular blogging site (wink, wink), Blogger.  She's a body positive activist, has a brilliantly wicked sense of humor, and a sick (as in, "I love it") sense of fashion for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Reading her blog posts has promoted a stronger sense … Continue reading Profiles in Living Out Loud, #2

Want the Secret to Realizing Your Goals for 2018?

Start prepping for achievement in 2017! That's right. If you want to reach those 2018 goals then start now, and do it without spending hundreds on life coaches, gurus, webinars, seminars, retreats, or workbooks. How? By attending two FREE workshops with The Next Chapter! These FREE, 90-minute Saturdays—On Your Mark (November 18th), Get Set (December … Continue reading Want the Secret to Realizing Your Goals for 2018?