How to tell a poser from a true teacher?

Listen for the real story. True teachers freely share their backstory; you won’t have to go digging for it. They will speak honestly and frequently of their personal genuine pain – a pain that is both isolating and very much connected to their Love of humanity. And they will speak modestly and reverently of the gifts that came with their struggle and search.

They are not simply reorganizing other people’s ideas into a new, shinny package and shouting about it. They took their own path to inner knowing and found the Universal within.  While they may stand upon other mystical ideas and teachings, their how-tos come from living through it. And they certainly aren’t solely driven by clicks or cash. They aren’t preaching; they are practicing.

Danielle LaPorte

Excerpt from The White Hot Truth

This is my story:

For most of my life, I hadn’t quite figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I felt as if I was wandering around adulthood like a little kid alone at the mall. Even though I’d accomplished much, there was always something missing.

In 2012, I thumbed through my old journals, stopping at random pages here and there. I noticed, not for the first time, that regardless of the year, my story never seemed to change. I was constantly griping about not having enough money, not having enough love, and not being satisfied with where I was in life at that time. I was fed up with living what seemed to be my version of the Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day.  I turned to the self-help industry in hopes that the  next best thing would finally bring me my dreams.

For some reason, though the experts had changed somewhat and I was finding more and more messages that resonated with me, I became glaringly aware of some significant details inherent in “self-help”. I noticed the experts still didn’t “look” like me. Most were white men, or women who had come from childhoods of financial stability and privilege. There were one or two black females, but they were younger, and also from financially stable childhoods. They had stories of struggle but none that moved me. But, according to the press releases, book blurbs and interview answers, they’d found the secret to living confident, happy, lives. So of course, I followed, signed up, and when I could afford to, bought the books and attempted the exercises they prescribed

Two years later, my goals were still just dreams written on a piece of paper. I had just received in the mail a “change your mind about money and get rich” book that I’d spent a small part of my bill money to buy. I’m on chapter two when I read all about how this person just “decided to go on a cross country tour to teach women about wealth building“.  Within a few words, she had a car, a boyfriend to help her drive, and sold out workshops across the county. There was NO mention of how, it was just presented as if she snapped her fingers and poof – she had everything she needed to just drive off into the sunset, speaking to packed conference rooms all across the country.  I tell you what, something in me snapped as well, leading to an “ah ha” moment – I didn’t need another self-help book, what I needed was to DO all the things I’d been so busy envisioning.

I took all of the self-help jargon I’d ingested over the years and put my unique spin on it; I changed my mind and my routines. I made an actual, physical effort to change. And what do you know? That shit started to work.

And now, here we are. Each year, I get better and better at the work – walking the walk so to speak. It’s hard, I make mistakes, revert back to old habits, then have to fight to tame them again, but my goals are getting accomplished, my self-esteem / confidence grow with each step forward. I’m making more money now than I’ve ever made in my life, I have three legit businesses that I own and operate, and I’m happy on a level I didn’t think I’d reach.

And now I want to help others apply what has taken me decades to learn.

Here’s to making your Next Chapter, your best one yet.