April No Spend Challenge Check In and other news.

I’m halfway through this month’s challenge – 30 days of not spending money on anything other than groceries, gas, and bills. The first 13 days were a success. Yesterday however, I dipped into the wallet and bought lunch for the hubs and I, and got my car washed.

Oh well.

I’m back at it though and plan to finish the month strong.

Speaking of money…

Tis tax season around these parts and many people have money weighing heavily on their minds.  To help ease some of the load, join us at this month’s Real Life Living 2018 Presentation Series event:

Retirement Ready or Not!

Come let financial advisor Ashaunda Davis guide you through the process of prepping for your financial future regardless if you’re just starting out in the workforce, or at a stage where retirement is right around the corner.

Ms. Davis has spent over twenty-eight years bringing to market superior solutions for businesses, business owners, and consumers. She has acquired and managed corporate accounts as large as 1500 employees and provided stellar customer service to individual families. She has evolved her insurance coaching firm to include financial planning.  Her practice now uniquely includes an approach to help her clients begin with finding money currently being lost unknowingly and unnecessarily.

April 21, 2018

11:00am – 12:30pm

400 Interstate North Parkway

Atlanta, GA  30339

The workshop and parking are free, however seating is limited. Click HERE to reserve your seat!

As always, sending love and light! Until next time…


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