Finding Unicorns

Meet Onyx – my Unicorn. Folks told me I’d never find one with low miles, in my price range, with all the bells and whistles on it, in excellent condition and then get it 100% financed. And for a minute there, I thought they might be right. The bank told me they’d only finance 100% if I found a car that had built-in equity which hardly ever happens seeing as cars depreciate the minute they leave the lot, and I knew I was going to buy used.


But, I practiced what I teach and lo and behold, my Unicorn. She’s a 2012, had less than 84K miles on it, is super clean and came with more bells & whistles than I’d asked for. AND (here’s the kicker), she was selling for WAY less than her Blue Book meaning she had built in equity so my bank happily financed at 100%…at a lower interest rate than they’d previous quoted I might add.


I’m all about turning dreams into reality. Whatever you have on your heart as a true desire, let me help bring it forth.

Real Life Living – Mid Year Calibration

Registration closes April 6th and is exclusive to folks in the Atlanta metro area for 2018.

Click HERE for more information and to register.

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