It Wouldn’t Be Called a Challenge if it Were Going to be Easy.

Yeah, so, it’s February 4th already. I’m four days into this month’s challenge – 28 Days of Self-Love.  Not self-care, which to me is all about long showers, eating good food, getting manicures / pedicures, and taking time each day to just be.

Self-Love can be the same thing, but I’m stretching out in order to show myself some love by taking small steps outside my comfort zone each day. I haven’t picked anything specific to do each day, instead, I’m following a general guideline to each day, do something that excites me yet fills me with some measure of (good) anxiety; do something that moves me toward my goals and is a bit outside my normal way of doing things.  Here’s how it’s going so far.

Thursday, Feb. 1st – I started taking voice lessons a couple weeks ago. One of the exercises I’d been avoiding was to attempt singing one of my goal songs Karaoke style. I’ve done most of my practices in the car on my evening commute. Other people listen to audio books, or practice a foreign language, I do lip trills and vocal scales. On Thursday, I pulled up the instrumental version of the song and belted it out, missed notes and all. I got a few odd looks from my fellow commuters who could clearly see me through the windows. I’m not sure if they could hear me as well but meh, so what. I did it. And in doing so, a revelation hit. Regardless of how good a singer is, they still have to learn which notes to sing, the same as I do. They probably miss notes while learning so there’s no shame in me doing the same. I will now include a couple of tries with that song at the end of each of my 20 minute vocal exercises.

Friday, Feb. 2nd – I met a couple of really cool women at a bike (motorcycle) show last weekend. Normally, I’d let the opportunity to connect pass me by as I’m quite the introvert. I’m not one to initiate contact beyond the first round of small talk. This time though, I fired off an email to one woman, inviting her to this month’s Real Life Living presentation and asking her what her if she’d be interested in giving a RLL presentation herself. Stay tuned, she’s available in August!

Saturday, Feb. 3rd – FAIL, lol.  I had plans on taking the hubs to go dancing. I used to love burning up the dance floor but put my groove thang in storage once I got married. The hubs is not a fan even though he’s a really good dancer. Anyway, I was bound and determined to go, but I slipped back into my comfort zone after my voice lesson and yeah…

So today I’m taking as a rest day. This coming out of my shell can be energy zapping. Introvert, remember. And that made me want to tell you, if you’re working the Challenge this month, factor in a day or two to rest. Living outside your comfort zone in any capacity takes ENERGY, EFFORT, and flexes some muscles (mentally and physically in some cases) that you may not be used to using. It’s okay to take a step back into your Comfort Zone and sit for a bit. The trick is to NOT make this rest period permeant. I’ll be right back on it tomorrow, looking for something outside my comfort zone to do as a way of showing myself some love.

Are you participating in this month’s Challenge? If so, what kinds of things are you doing? How’s it going?

Would love it if you added attending The Next Chapter’s Real Life Living Presentation for this month!

Perfect the Art of Self-Care
Sat, February 10, 2018
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST
Platinum Tower
400 Interstate North Parkway
Northwestern Mutual, 6th Floor Conference Room
Atlanta, GA 30339

It’s FREE. There is plenty of free parking as well. We’ll have light refreshments and enjoy an 90 minute presentation from Tamay Shannon on the art and practice of Self-Care.

Click HERE for more information and to get your ticket. Seating is limited so be sure to get your ticket TODAY.

As always,

Sending Love & Light

The Next Chapter

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