Test Flights Outside the Comfort Zone

And just like that, January 2018 moves into the history books. The “new year” smell has pretty much worn off so let’s refresh shall we?  Indeed we shall. And we’ll do so with another Monthly Challenge.

I purposefully picked this one for February because it ties in to the whole Valentine Day – love theme. It was also a HARD one for me the first time around so I’m betting it’ll be rather difficult for a lot of others as well. And no, we’re not going to do planks for hours on end, or try to run an ultramarathon by Feb 28th.

Nope, I want us to spend the next 28 days, doing at LEAST ONE thing, EVERY DAY that is strictly for our pleasure, benefit, happiness, etc. And you can stop reaching for the bubbles and candles thinking taking a long hot bath is the type of thing I’m urging you to do. Naw, instead of the ‘typical’ self-care, of course, I’m wanting you to go outside your comfort zone on this one.  I want you to do something that YOU’VE always wanted to do that you’ve never done before because:

  1. no one else approved of it or will do it with you
  2. you might not succeed
  3. you’re afraid you might look / sound silly

These don’t have to be life threatening or expensive ventures (I do suggest whatever you pick, it’s safe and legal, *ahem*). It may be something as simple as finally wearing that outfit you bought that you feel absolutely fabulous in, but you didn’t think it was “appropriate”; could be rounding up some very supportive friends and finally singing a quick tune at karaoke night. Maybe it’s sending a querry letter to an agent / publisher / magazine, talking about a book or article you’ve written.

Whatever you’ve put off doing in the past in order to ‘keep the peace’; to make someone else happy or feel comfortable – schedule it into your daily plan and then DO IT.

I’ll be back to let you know what I’ve chosen and how it’s going for me.

Meanwhile enjoy this video; might give you a few tips on how to track this month’s challenge 🙂

Sending Love & Light,

The Next Chapter

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