Meditating on Meditation

Photo by Benjamin Balázs on Unsplash

And that’s a wrap on this, our first monthly challenge here at The Next Chapter. I used the Create Space Meditation Kit by Danielle LaPorte to guide me through my daily (*ahem*) meditation practice.  Here are my Challenge stats:

Days completed first thing in the morning = 17

Days completed before bed in the evening = 3

Lessons Learned:

  • My day flows better when I complete my practice in the morning. I’m able to feel the meditation more deeply.
  • My mind wanders more the later in the morning I do my meditation. Days when I rolled out of bed straight into my meditation space, I was better able to tune into the words, images, and sensations; when I put time and activity between waking up and meditating, I was more easily distracted by random thoughts and ideas.
  • The days I missed my meditation altogether, felt different. I wasn’t as relaxed or focused on the good in my life. I didn’t make as many “feel good” choices.
  • Epiphanies and creative solutions to problems came to me frequently by the third day of regular, morning meditation. When I missed a day (or several) in a row, the flow of ideas stopped. I found it difficult to see my way to solutions.
  • I FELT the longer meditation (20 min) more fully than the shorter version (10 min).

Did you participate in this month’s challenge? What lessons did you learn from it? Will you continue to add meditation to your daily routine? Share your insights here in the comments or on The Next Chapter’s Facebook page. I’d love to hear how meditation works for you.

If you weren’t moved by the Creation Space Kit, Danielle LaPorte recently released a new kit and it fits in nicely with next month’s challenge. It’s called The Love & Radiance Kit. Click and check it out. Then join me next month as we explore the challenge of 28 days where we love ourselves silly.

Sending Love & Light

The Next Chapter

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