You’re Just Not Ready

In November, I invited everyone to a free workshop where we would begin working through a new system of identifying (articulating) what your true (authenticating) desires were. Four people registered, three showed up. I’d set up for twenty-five.  The next workshop is this Saturday. We’re going to delve a little deeper in order to establish a plan of action that fits in with our real lives as they exist right now. No one has registered yet, and I have just one confirmed attendee from the first session.

Am I whining? Complaining? Getting ready to launch into some tirade about how people don’t know what’s good for them? Hell no.

You see, what I realized is that the folks I’m trying to reach are ensconced in their comfort zones. They may very well want to learn how to make their wildest desires come true, but they aren’t willing to take those steps. And no matter how much I invite, beg, try to convince; no matter how much I spend on advertising and fancy email copy (and let me tell you, Jennifer Elin Cole at Collaborative Solutions Group is the bomb! You may reach her at:  Tell her Dana sent you.), nothing is going to get you…I mean them, out of their comfort zones until they REALLY want to take those steps.

Until you, I mean they want to, they’re not going to do the meditations I suggest, they’re not going to break into five or six minute fitness breaks when they click on the Fitness Marshal videos I share. They’re not going to sign up for exclusive content, they’re not going to show up to any workshops or presentations (even though they’re FREE to attend), or attempt any of the processes I put forth because all of those activities lie outside their Comfort Zones. They’re not ready to take the advice of someone they’ve never heard of, who isn’t a “millionaire”, who hasn’t lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time or hasn’t run any marathons, or done any other noticeable feats of wow.

I get it. But let me ask you this, if it were you and you were kicking around the idea of branching out here and there, wouldn’t you want to learn how from someone you could relate to? From someone who was just like you, who managed to breakthrough the barriers of their comfort zone and step into the realization of a dream (or five)? Wouldn’t you want to be there at the beginning, when that person was still available for one-on-one sessions, whose events were local, brought you info you could use right now, and were still small enough that you were guaranteed great seats at an affordable price (you can’t beat free)?

I’m not saying I’m about to go all “seven figures a year income” on you but I am working my jelly so to speak. I am gathering momentum. I have set my sights for an expansive, lucrative, business; a life filled with travel, conducting workshops, and teaching my brand of alchemy to as many people as I can. In the meantime, 2018 is right there.  Do You want to spend it tucked away in your Zone or is there a small voice calling out for something different? I can help you answer that call. I can help you figure out your first few steps toward different. I can help you EXPAND your comfort zone so it includes weight loss, self-esteem gains, making more money, having less debt. No, it won’t happen over night, or take just three minutes a day.  But it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, nor will you go it alone.

Tell you what – you mull it over while I prepare for this weekend’s, FREE, 2018 planning session.  I’ll come back, let you know how it went and we’ll talk more. If you think you’re ready, I’ve got a whole year of “outside the comfort zone” living for us to do.

Sending Love and Light,

The Next Chapter

(For my few readers who are outside the ATL area, I’m learning how to serve you as well. I’m sure you’ve got some living you want to do outside your comfort zones too 🙂 )

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