So, I Did a Thing…

On December 2nd, I stood on a stage, in a convention center in New York City, in front of over 2500 people (most identified as women and or were born female; there were maybe six cis-males) and caressed myself all over to the soulful, sensual sounds of The Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love” – the exact version I’m not sure but it certainly was different from all four iterations I have in my music library.

Yeah. I did that. It was a moment of ‘kismet’; I had wanted to be on stage so I willed it so. I ‘manifested’ it so to speak. The room was ripe for such an act of exposure. I was attending The Experience, a weekend’s introduction to The School of Womanly Arts’ Mastery Program (click the links – you know you’re curious). I was being coached. No, let’s be honest, I was giving in to a deep desire with the support and encouragement of Mama Gena herself, and the rest of the 2500+ humans in the room.

Ha – I bet you’re reading this as something naughty. Most humans associate “desire”, “caress”, and “sensual” with carnal pleasures. But I’m here to tell you, that’s superficial thinking at best. Sensual, at it’s core, just means, “of the senses” – touch, taste, sight, hearing. That which is sensual, is something that activates one or more of your senses. I believe sensual experiences are those that encompass ALL of me – I feel them with my bones, can taste the emotion, can hear the birth of matter. I become immersed in the total happening. That’s what my act of touching my (Divinity) self on that stage was like.

“Where is she going with this?”

“I have no idea, but I hope she gets there soon. I’ve got other things to do.”


(*laughs mischievously*)


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