Registration is NOW OPEN!

Hey. A few days ago I asked you to reflect for a few moments on 2017 so far.  Today, I’m announcing that registration is open for the first of two FREE 2018 planning sessions I’m hosting.

Aptly titled, On Your Mark – this first workshop will help you articulate your goals. In other words, I’m going to get you to…


Emphasis on the “really, really” want part. Because quite often, we set goals that are based on tradition, on what will make someone else happy. We rarely get down to the truth of what WE want to do, feel, have, be.

On Your Mark launches my brand of non-traditional, “not gonna call it life-coaching” work.   The session is Saturday, November 18th, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM.  It’s going to be fun, fairly fast (so as not to waste your time), and full of information you can put to use immediately to perhaps make the upcoming holiday season a little less hectic.

If you’re in the ATL area and wish to see what this is all about, click here to register. If you’re NOT in the ATL but are still interested, then use the Follow by Email button up on the top right of the post sidebar.  I’m putting together a video presentation for you that will include all of the handouts and opportunities for prizes that I’m including in the live session.

Register now – seating is limited.

I’ll be back with more information as we get closer.  Meanwhile, I hope I’ve sparked you to begin thinking about what YOU really, really, want.  The Next Chapter is here to help you get it!


Sending love & light,

The Next Chapter

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