Still Here – Hard at Work to Upgrade the Next Chapter Experience

Three things.

First – we did a dry run on the posting themes and schedule. Test drove our links to our social media accounts, and hopefully garnered one or two interested followers who are looking forward to rolling with us once we get things up and running in October.

We’ve got three major activities for the remainder of this year as well as putting the final plans on our 2018 schedule of events. Yeah, we’re serious about helping you make 2018 your best year yet.

Second – Danielle LaPorte (our un-official God-Mother) is offering a free, six week experience based on her wildly successful Desire Map program. She’s calling it “Desire Map Free & Clear.”  Click here to learn more about it and to sign up.  Everyone here at The Next Chapter will be participating. Drop us a note if you will be too.

Lastly – thank you so much for your patience as we work out the processes and procedures. We are so looking forward to providing you with an expansive, supportive, life changing experience.

Sending love and light,

The Next Chapter

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