Let The Music Play

Source Material:

Nothing specific for this one, just found this particular trick out on my own :-).

How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply

Do you have a theme song?

I’ve had a few over the years:

I picked songs that uplifted me, reminded me of my true (or desired) nature. I played them when I needed to boost my mood, had them on repeat when MP3 players came into being, and then got sophisticated enough to make into ring tones on my cell phone. These songs were personal anthems that never failed to have me smiling and feeling better about myself by the time the last note was played.

How does this factor into a self-care routine? Obviously – having a theme song that you play either out loud, or just in your head in times of stress, washes you in positive vibes; they’re a form of  self love that you can give yourself at any time, day or night. In most cases, they’re free or inexpensive to obtain, and with today’s technology, they go where ever you go and can be played on just about any device you have – laptop, tablet, cell phone, or MP3 player.

Your Turn

Search your downloads, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes (etc.) accounts; start listening out for that one song (or two) that not only speaks TO you, but aptly describes your awesomeness, your spirit, your higher self.

Having trouble picking one? Check out this list on Huffington Post. If that doesn’t yield one you like, then ask a close friend, loved one, and / or a family member to describe you with a song.  Then listen to it. Were they right?

Oh, and keep in mind, these songs don’t have to have lyrics or come from today’s top 20. For example, here’s one I used in my late 20’s to mid 30’s…

How kick ass is that? (for the full version, click here)  It makes me feel bad-ass every time I listen to it.

So, once you have a song (or three) picked, please come back and post it in the comments :-).  I’d love to rock out to what you chose.

Let our songs be forever sung!

The Next Chapter

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