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Fitbit Flex , Fitbit Charge (now only available in generation 2 versions)

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How to Walk to Mordor

The Mile a Day Challenge

Tim’s Fitness Success Story

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When I first got my Fitbit Flex (I’d won it in a fitness challenge at work), I wanted to make that puppy vibrate with joy at the completion of my 10K steps every day. I found all kinds of ways to integrate walking into my day.

There were the twice daily walks around the complex where I worked, there were evening walks through my neighborhood. I did laps inside my townhouse if the weather didn’t allow for a comfortable outdoor stroll. I took the trash out more frequently. I took the stairs; I did laps at the mall window shopping. On a land tour through Europe, I made it a point to walk in the evenings up and down the stairs at the hotel and participate in every walking tour we had available.

I got really good at hitting my 10K EVERY DAY. Then, of course, I fell off my stairs in my townhouse and fractured a bone in my ankle. Nothing serious, didn’t need a cast, but walking was out of the question for six weeks. SIX WEEKS y’all.

Once I healed, I noticed a significant lack of desire to walk for any length of time. I’d get sore faster, my ankle would fuss and grumble, it seemed to take longer for the soreness in my legs and feet to dissipate.  And then, I sprained my other ankle doing a relative easy dance move in my sneakers at a dance club. Yeah….

Walking was out of the question for yet another six weeks. I was doing good just getting around to do the daily tasks without showing too much of a pronounced limp.  Sigh.

But now, I’m 50 years old, and it’s time to get up from my almost constant (or so it feels) sitting position. I sit for a little under 8 hours on my job, for up to four hours a day on my commute to and from work, then there’s the 3 hours or so of sitting I do in the evenings as I work my businesses (it’s all done on my laptop in one way or another). It’s time to get back into walking.

So, here’s the plan…laps around my job. We moved to a larger facility in June. Bigger inside, not so much space to walk outside that doesn’t involve dodging traffic. So, I get up and walk the hall way. It’s not going to get me to 10K in a day, but it will get my blood circulating and help combat any muscle atrophy in my legs.

Next up, moving to an apartment complex with a nice gym. The house I’m in now, while awesome on location and size, just was not the financial bargain I had originally thought. Consequently, I’d made plans to move. With today’s rental housing market being what it is, I’m going to have drop my dreams of finding another house of this size in this price range (unless I want a 3 hour commute one way) and move into an apartment. So while laps around my townhouse and then here were an option, a move to an apartment will pretty much eliminate that. So, I’m looking for places that offer places to walk when the weather is nice- there are several that have nature trails on the property, and places to go when the weather is crappy – some of these places have AMAZING gyms with state of the art fitness equipment (considering how much they want for rent, they need to, good grief!!).

So, I’m setting up my tracker, using the Nerd Fitness, “Walk to Mordor” challenge to get me started. By this time next month (I move in two weeks), I’ll be back to make that Fitbit quiver every day!

Your Turn

Get up, get out, go for a walk. Then come back and tell me how it went ;-).

Not feeling it? Stand up, do a quick lap around your living space. Include the stairs if need be.

Every little bit counts, so get to steppin!

Until next time,

The Next Chapter

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