Can’t Buy Me Love

Source Material

Marketing materials for various writing, self-awareness / acceptance, and women’s empowerment, I’ve received or looked up over the last year and a half.

I won’t call out any particular business or guru because, well…lawsuits frighten me. But I may link to them just so you know I’m not making these prices up.

Also, because…lawsuits – I am not knocking the value to be found in these retreats because I’ve not attended any and can not in good conscious tell you one way or the other if they’re worth their price tags.  I’ve got a whole other point I’m trying to make. Read on.

How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply

This may come across as a rant of sorts. And as I think about it, it is. But more than that, it’s what’s driving how I do business through The Next Chapter.  Let me explain.

Have you SEEN how much people are charging for seminars these days? Particularly in the self-help, women’s empowerment industries. When you add in getting there, a place to stay, and food?  YIKES.  Here are just a couple of the prices I’ve come across:

  • Writing retreat – a week in a cabin in northern California. Includes food and a manuscript review. $10,000.00
  • Women’s Empowerment Course – home, online study, and three weekends over the course of three months in New York city (not mandatory to attend). $6,000.00 – mind you, the price isn’t mentioned until quite deep into the pre-registration process. That price does NOT include your travel, hotel, or food while in New York.

I know putting on workshops, seminars, and large, multi-day retreats can be expensive. Services such as catering, lodging, space rentals and such are pricey. If you’ve ever put on a wedding you know what I’m talking about.  What sticks in my craw is how I hear these same folks talk so much about how important it is for women to do the work to feel better, be better, achieve, and excel; that they are in business in order to help women feel better, be better, achieve, and excel. BUT, based on the cost for the services they provide, only women who can afford these programs and such get to do the work to feel better, be better, achieve, and excel.  What about the rest of us? Don’t we deserve to feel better, be better, achieve, and excel?

The idea that this type of work has to cost a gazillion dollars reminds me of the commercialism we see around gift giving. You know what I’m talking about, that notion that the more money you spend, the more love you show. Subsequently, if you scrape together a few grand to attend a workshop / retreat / etc. then you must really love yourself. I think the same thing when I see how much it costs to go to a spa for a day (or Goddess forbid you’re looking to go to a ‘wellness center’ for vacation).  The message I hear in so much of this is that the amount of money you spend showing yourself some “love”, then the more you “love” yourself.


Yeah, like John says, “nay, nay.”

Like healthcare, I think self-care should be affordable for EVERYONE. And I think EVERYONE should have access to self-care that is meaningful to them, specific to their needs, and that is just as good as what’s offered to the 1%.

The Next Chapter strives to bring you down to earth, free to mid-range costing tools, tips, resources, and suggestions to help YOU build a self-care routine that propels you along your self-love journey. We believe there are effective ways to show yourself much love and care that don’t have you breaking the bank. We also believe that self-love isn’t something you do in order to keep up with the ‘Jones’ (or the Kardashians…sigh).

We want you to feel better, be better, achieve, and excel, no matter your financial situation.

Your Turn

What’s the most expensive deal you’ve come across in the self-care / self-help world? Do you think the more money something costs, the better it must be?  How much are you willing to pay for a program that promotes empowerment?  Your answers will help us set our price points in the future so please, leave a comment below.

As always,

Sending you love and light,

The Next Chapter


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