Gettin’ It In

Source Material:

The Scientific Seven Minute Work Out – New York Times online.

The Advanced Scientific Seven Minute Work Out – New York Times online.

The Scientific Seven Minute and Advanced Seven Minute Work Out Ap – New York Times online.

How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply

I began sneaking exercise into my work day three years ago when I won a Fitbit Flex at work. At that time, it was just a simple walk around the office complex at two o’clock pm.  In the fall and spring, these walks were refreshing and gave me a sense of accomplishment. I also enjoyed when my once yearly physical labs would come back showing that my blood pressure was excellent, my cholesterol reasonable, and no other indicators of bad health looming on the horizon.

When my walks stopped feeling challenging, I added the Nerd Fitness Body Weight routine to my day. Done just quickly enough to finish in about 20 minutes and NOT work up a sweat, I found I could do the exercises in my work clothes (I work in a warehouse environment, jeans and workboots baby!) in the privacy of my office. Combined with my walking, I was well on my way to meeting some fitness goals.

Then life happened – I switched jobs and my routine no longer fit the demands of my new position. I was still wearing my jeans and sneakers, but I no longer had a private office. Also, I was hired to cover the office so my co-workers could spend more time out and about doing their actual jobs. That meant limited time to go for walks in the afternoon, as I needed to be around to handle the phones and receive any deliveries. AND THEN, our offices relocated.

My commute is now an hour and forty-five minutes long, one way, give or take up to 30 minutes depending on if there’s an accident on any of the roadways I travel to and from the job. I spend just about the full eight hours seated with the exception of the few minutes I run to the restroom, stand up in order to get the circulation going in my legs and feet, or when I go back to the warehouse to accept a delivery.  I wake up at six, leave for work no later than six-thirty – I’m home by six forty-five in the evening, have dinner, then do whatever business tasks I have for my business (Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC = The Next Chapter, Nowata Press, and Dana Ellington – Indie Author) which could mean another two to three hours of sitting before I shut everything down and get ready to go to bed.  I was at a loss as to how to fit exercise back into my day.

My sister to the rescue with the link to the New York Times’ The Scientific Seven Minute Work Out. The moves are such that I can still do them in my jeans and sneakers, but just in case that brief seven minutes works up a sweat, our new building has a shower area. I make sure to have a ‘get fresh kit’ (2 shirts, 2 sets of underwear, jeans, socks; washcloth and towel, plus travel size deodorant, and lotion) in my truck so if I have to refresh after my work out, I can.  All in all, my routine takes 15 minutes which I squeeze into my lunch hour – a time that I know I won’t miss any calls or deliveries.

The workout break gets me recharged and ready for my afternoon, helps me feel mellow during my commute, goes a long way toward keeping me from suffering ill effects of sitting for most of the day, and thankfully is NOTHING like this…

Your Turn

Whatever your day consists of, are you finding time and space to work out in any way? If not, then definitely give the 7-Minute work out a try. Sample it for a week and let us know how it goes? No fancy work out gear required although I would definitely recommend you DON’T do it in high heeled shoes, a dress, or skirt.  ;-). Instead, pack yourself a ‘Get Fresh Kit’ for fast changes before and after your seven minutes.

Here’s to your (fast) Health!

The Next Chapter

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