Take Five…

Source Material


How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply

Work week:

  1. Arrive, log into my computer, pull up my email and respond to any urgent messages.
  2. Fill my water bottle for the morning (32 OZs) and take a couple of sips
  3. Que up a five minute meditation like the one above, press play, then sit still for five minutes listening to the voice over, breathing deeply, and maybe repeating a mantra (examples here).
  4. Que up an 8-hr soothing music selection on YouTube (example here)
  5. Rock the day!

Weekend – depends on what has to happen that day, how many errands and such, but usually I wake up, fiddle around with my business email, get my scheduled posts up and ready, then, while I’m nibbling on a little something for brunch, I’ll que up a mediation on YouTube that’s up to 15 minutes long.

Trust me, meditation does NOT have to be another tedious ‘to-do’ on your list. Grab as little as five minutes to just breathe and send yourself some positive, supportive messages and you’re done.

Your Turn

Did you click and listen to the mediation? Did you actually sit still and focus on it as it played? If so, how are you feeling?

Try it for a week – take five minutes to do a few deep breaths and some personal mantras. Then pop back to let us know if you felt any difference. We use your feed back to help tweak our suggestions.

Here’s to finding five minutes of Zen to help ease you through your day.

The Next Chapter

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