No Shirt, no shoes…no problem.

Source Material

Nerd Fitness Beginner Body Weight Routine (free) – Steve Kamb

Nerd Fitness Yoga Program (paid) – Steve Kamb

Yoga with Adriene (free, YouTube), 30 Days of Yoga

How I Adapt / Adopt / Apply

Common excuse I was giving myself as a means of getting out of taking walks on my lunch hour at work…

I don’t have my sneakers.

Yeah, but I’m still wearing shoes that won’t cause me any significant damage should I get off my butt and take a stroll around the office complex. Besides, I’ve been sitting in this chair, staring at my computer screen for who knows how long. How much more damage can I do to my body by taking a quick walk in my work boots?

Which brings me to a more detailed sort of excuse I run into (and have used) when talking to people about exercise.  And that is, that they don’t have the right gear.  As in work out clothes, shoes, or other items designed specifically to wear when “exercising”.  Going to let you in on a little secret, all that money spent on lycra, spandex, specialty footwear, mats, towels, bottles, bags, and memberships to places where that type of gear is “required” won’t matter not nary a bit when it comes down to getting one’s tookus into better shape. Oh sure, it might make the wearer feel more motivated to walk, run, jog, stretch, sprint, lift, etc. but in the grand scheme of things, who says those are the only ways to “exercise”?

As a kid, we spent just about all day Saturday, and most afternoons after school when the weather was nice enough, outside just doing stuff. Riding our bikes, playing football, tag, hide and seek, climbing trees, imitating kung-fu moves we’d seen on TV…etc.  It was jeans, sneakers, and tee shirts.  We used to fuss about having to come in the house before the street lights came on. Or for any reason other than to eat. Here I am, a (sort of) grown-up with the freedom to stay out and play for as long as I want to and what do I end up doing? Letting the streetlights catch me huddled up on my couch, or worse yet, driving home from work.

Flag on the post


But okay, let’s say the only exercise you’ll do is something that others will consider “exercise”.  I got it. You still don’t need fancy gear, and you dang sure don’t need to spend a bunch of money on and / or a lot of time going to and from a gym / studio to participate in “formal exercise programs.”  Nope. Thanks to the resources I listed above, your living room, den, garage, or wherever else you can connect to the internet, can become your gym and the programs your “formal” workout class.

And here’s a really great thing about these types of programs. You can do them at ANY TIME during your crowded day.  There are workouts that take only five minutes!! You can take 5 minutes to do some toning yoga moves, or a quick round of body weight exercises.  Baring any major physical obstacles, that five minutes, done consistently over the course of a few weeks will make a difference in how your body feels (initial soreness aside); over the course of a few months, things such as your blood pressure and resting heart rate will improve.

No, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I know from experience that those few minutes I took walking my work boot clad feet around that office complex did wonders for how I felt the rest of the day and how my labs ended up at my yearly physical.

Exercise, fitness, healthy living – these aren’t fads, nor do they have to be fiction for those of us with more tasks than time. We can build strong bodies, healthy hearts, and reduce our chances of aging badly by doing a little bit each day to get our bodies moving.

Your Turn

Today is the 2nd of August and I’m doing Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga program.  Care to join me?  Drop me a comment below if you too will be attempting to face your dog downward in your den for the rest of August. We’ll keep each other accountable.

If you want a more obvious strength building routine, I highly suggest the Nerd Fitness Beginner’s Body Weight Program. It’s free, quick, and relatively easy to fit into your schedule. I found it best to do the exercises in my office right after lunch. I no longer have an office as I’ve switched jobs, but there’s a room in our building I get to outfit as a Zen meditation room. I’m going to begin doing the workout in there, three times a week. Let me know if you decide to go that route. I’ll be back with a post on how to work out at work or during the work day.

Go forth, and move thine butt!  Here’s to your health :-).

The Next Chapter

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