It’s the Little Things You Do, That Show How Much You Really Care…

Source Material

Gary Keller: The One Thing

How I Apply / Adopt / Adapt

Self-care isn’t just about a weekly massage, pedicure, or an expensive spa treatment. Or at least it wasn’t for me with my budgetary constraints and savings goals.  It’s also not something I could confine to a once a week or month, or sadly for some folks, once a year activity.  I found myself running on empty at least three or four times a week so I had to find a way to show myself some love on the daily.

I’d read articles on various self-help sites that referenced Mr. Keller’s book above. I liked the concept and took what I wanted from the articles themselves – I have yet to read the book 🙂 – in order to develop One Things of my own.  My interpretation and application of  Mr. Keller’s advice may not be what he intended, but meh. My way allows me to squeeze a little bit of self care into my everyday. It’s also a prominent feature in my upcoming  book, The NEXT CHAPTER Planner Workbook Insert.

Side Note:

I’ll be conducting three monthly workshops, beginning in September that will walk folks through the workbook process as we prepare for the new year. Stay tuned; registration will be open next month.

Back to One Things.  These were simple, short, easy, things I could do for myself, by myself daily that would set off ripples of positive consequences throughout my day (life).

Here are a couple of universal examples (as in, would work well for humans in general)

1.  Drink more water (there’s an app for that, lol. I use Water Your Body) – While there is a lot of debate going on as to how much water you should be drinking, there’s very little about why you SHOULDN’T be drinking those sugary, useless calorie laden beverages the majority of us are fond of. I am a sweet-tea junkie. There wasn’t a meal that went down my gullet for many years, that wasn’t backed up by a 32oz serving of the sweet tea.  Since I started using the app to remind me to get my fill of H2O as well, there isn’t much room for the sugary stuff. I can now consistently get a minimum of 32ozs of plain water in my system daily.  (PS – I use a refillable water bottle; working toward eliminating plastic bottles and bags from my environmental footprint)

Positive consequences? First and foremost, I am sure to get a break from my sedentary ways because I have to walk to the bathroom frequently. So, bonus added steps (good for circulation) and the hint of exercise :-). Also gives my mind a break from the task at hand, allowing me to occasionally come up with bits and pieces to the story I’m working on, or stumble upon a creative solution to a problem I’m trying to solve…or, if I’m really stressing, that few minutes on the toilet gives me time to meditate / repeat a positive affirmation or mantra / pray.   I return from the bathroom feeling more Zen and have shown my self some love on a few different levels.

2. Eat to Live – There are just as many debates going on about what you should and should not be eating as there are about how much water to drink. Unless you have some medical restrictions to what you eat, I believe the basics are still valid. More fruits and veggies, less processed foods, and avoid those blatantly fatty foods that are health busters just waiting to happen. Mind you, the marketing gurus will do everything they can to get you to follow their advice, but your body knows what’s good for it – trust your instincts.  It took me a month or two to distinguish between a legitimate craving (for example, after a work out, I crave beef.  My body is screaming for protein) and a not so legitimate one (I’m bored – where are the chips?)  :-).  Food diaries are helpful here in that you can log how you feel when you eat certain foods, how they affect you emotionally and or physically (for straight nutrition / calorie tracking I use the My Fitness Pal app). Armed with that information, you can determine what the legit cravings are and how to satisfy them in a health inducing manner along with developing strategies to deal with the others.  I’m not advocating strict (or restrictive) diets. This is more about loving on your body with common sense foods; eating to make sure your body has what it needs to function properly.

Positive Consequences? I’d love to say I lost so many pounds but that was not the case. What did happen was I stopped gaining weight at an alarming rate, my cholesterol and blood pressure are within acceptable, healthy ranges – consistently. I’m also able to stay within my weekly budget / spending plan because I’m not eating in restaurants twice a day.  My muscles are nourished, my brain is nourished,  which means I move and think more freely.  Ultimately, I get to tell myself with each bite that I love and respect this vessel I’m in.  Self-care baby! (*drops the mic*)

Your Turn

The above are just two examples of what I use for daily shots of self-care. I have an evolving list of One Things I can pull from and put into my daily To-Do list that are all about my self-care.

Grab a piece of paper and quickly, jot down some things you can do to shower yourself with some “ahhhh” that won’t take up a lot of time or money.  Then pull seven activities from your list and schedule them into your week.  Come back and tell me how it went in the comments below.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

The Next Chapter

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