You’ve Got to Move It, Move It


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How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply It

Excerpt from The Next Chapter Planner Insert Workbook, coming in September.

Most people I know dread the idea of going to the gym, or doing any kind of movement that can be remotely described as exercise. I get that. I used to feel that way myself. Until I made this critical shift in my thinking. I stopped thinking of exercise in terms of structured activities, such as jogging, yoga, weight training or aerobics and instead just thought about adding more movement into my day.

Exercise can be whatever you do to get your heart beating a bit faster and your blood circulating. It can be done anywhere, anytime, while wearing ANYTHING that allows for freedom of movement. It can take place in five minute spurts or last a few hours (as long as you’re fit enough to handle that activity for that length of time). There are all kinds of things that burn calories, promote muscle strength and joint flexibility. Choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from the entrance to your office building or the mall. There are all kinds of ways to add more movement to your day.

Want some more ideas on how to add more movement? Try this. Grab a stop watch or use the timer on your phone and see how fast you can:

  • take out the trash
  • haul in the groceries
  • wash the dishes by hand
  • vacuum the living room
  • make the bed

How fast did you do it? Mark your time then try to beat it the next day.

Say house work isn’t your thing? Okay, how about yard work? Or better yet, instead of running your car through the neighborhood car wash, wash it by hand. Might not win any speed records but with all that reaching, wiping, and what not, I’ll bet you’ll finish up feeling as if you’ve done a full body work out.

Of course, if a more structured approach is up your alley, then by all means, get thee to a gym, start going to the yoga studio, sign up for fitness boot camp, whatever. It’s all good, and all your choice. As long as you incorporate some type of movement into your day, every day.


 If you have any type of physical boundaries that make it difficult, painful, or dangerous for you to move, then by all means, check with your doctor, occupational, or physical therapist – ask them to help you find some other ways to burn a few calories here and there.

Mind you, this isn’t a push to get you into ‘beach body’ shape. That may well be a pleasant side effect later on down the line, but for now, I’m talking healthy activity to keep your brain hydrated (and thinking clearly), your heart beating strong (so as to keep the blood flowing the way it should, which will also help you to think and feel better), and your body strong enough to do all the wonderful activities you’ll be doing to achieve your goals.

Your Turn

What ways can you think of to put more movement into your day? What’s your favorite activity that you can maybe speed up in order to get a bit of an aerobic benefit? Try one or two of the activities listed above then come back and let us know how you felt afterward.

With much love,

The Next Chapter

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