Starting the week with some Rest & Relaxation

Source Material

How I Adopt / Adapt / Apply

Applying Musical Meditation to real life:

There a bunch of these types of musical meditations available on YouTube.  Here’s how I use them – I’ll put one of these on and do any number of the follow activities for any length of time as is feasible:

  • repeat affirmations*
  • repeat a specific prayer*
  • repeat a mantra*
  • visualize myself, a specific person or situation, surrounded in healing, white light
  • run down a list of things I’m grateful for / appreciative of / excited about / looking forward to / remember fondly*

*I repeat these things in my head or do a written list.

I’ll let the music play while I’m at work or while I’m asleep – you can find some that are 8 hours long and work well for while you’re at work if you’re in a situation or environment that allows you to do so.  They run down my cell phone battery fairly quickly so if I’m playing them while I’m asleep, I make sure my phone is plugged in to its charger.

I haven’t bought any to download nor do I play them while driving.

Results so far:

I’ve been doing this since the 3rd week in June and have noticed a difference in my sleep on the nights I set one to play.  I don’t get up to go to the bathroom as frequently and I haven’t had any nightmares. I wake up in a slightly better mood. Not as frustrated or anxious as I had been.

Listening to them at work seems to just make the work day flow with less “crazy”; situations still come up that trigger frustration but I don’t tend to sit with the feeling that long. I’m able to move on faster, getting back into the flow of my work with more ease.

Over all I think they help me focus on the present which goes a long way toward dampening down any anxiety or stress.

Your Turn

Take a quick search on YouTube, find one or two you’d like to try, set ’em up and press play.  Use them for a week, then come back, drop a comment below and let me know if you notice a difference.  Do you have a musical meditation you use already?  Share that as well if you don’t mind, I’d love to learn more of what’s out there.

That does it for today’s Monday Meditation.

Until next time,

The Next Chapter

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