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At the height of my most recent ride on the self-help roller coaster, I read an article by Danielle LaPorte. It touched something soul-deep in me in a way unlike anything I’d read (or watched, or attended) had before. It wasn’t fluffy, overly wrapped in the ‘woo-woo’, or loud, like so much of the motivational, self-help ‘rah-rah’ flooding the market. It was down to earth and spoke to me in terms I could relate to. I rushed to her website to find out more, and lo and behold, she was having a sale on the Desire Map audio book. Of course, I bought it. And the rest is, as they say, history. My appreciation for her work has grown exponentially since then and I highly recommend her materials as excellent resources to bring some clarity and peace of mind to your day to day.

Now, while I could pay for a license to teach the Desire Map and Firestarter processes, I’ve learned through my own self work that I’m better suited to guide people on what comes after they’ve done the goal setting.  In other words, getting people from dreaming to actually doing – hence The Next Chapter.

Blog Format and What to Expect

Since my focus is on the action part of living, that’s what my posts will focus on. I’ll lead off with my source material – links to articles, websites, etc. that inspired me. Then the next section will be how I adopted, applied, or adapted the information into my real life, and finally what my results were.  I’ll then have a section of questions, suggestions, exercises, etc. for YOU (readers) to try.  The comments will be open for YOU to post your results, questions, general comments, thoughts, and ideas.  I want this to be as interactive as possible. I’m in a constant state of learning so want to hear how others are doing the work and achieving their goals.

*Side Note – comments will be moderated by Site admins to ensure they fit with the positive, supportive, informative vibe we’re working to establish.

Proposed Posting Schedule (subject to change as life happens)

Sunday Self-care – think of this as a compliment to a leisurely brunch; posts should appear by 10:00 am.  Topics will relate to the love, acceptance, and general care of one’s emotional, mental, and physical self.

Monday Meditation – you may not have considered adding meditation (prayer) into your day before but I’m finding it to be very beneficial. On Mondays, around 7 am, be on the look out for posts including a meditation and or general information about meditating (prayer) and the many ways I find to do it and how to fit it into just about any schedule.

Wednesday Work Out – toss out all the preconceived notions you have about “exercise”. These posts, which should pop into view around 8pm, will be about ways to incorporate more body movement in a typical day.  No trendy workout gear or expensive gym memberships required, I promise.

Friday Finance – I have found that including my financial health in my journey has gone a long way toward easing stress in other areas of my life as well as boosting my overall sense of self-esteem.  I want to pay it forward so to speak, so on Fridays at 1pm, I’ll share real world ways to work with whatever your budget circumstances may be.

Until Next Time

Thanks again for coming by. Our first official post will be here on the 23rd. We do hope you’ll come back to see us then.

Sending you Love & Light in the meantime.

The Next Chapter


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