Hello! I’m Dana Ellington, indie – published author, business owner, writing coach, wife, mother, full time employee, and founder of “The Next Chapter”.  I’m not a therapist, a psychologist, nor a psychiatrist or “life coach.”

Instead, I consider myself a Lifestyle Consultant; I’m a person who has lived–and continues to live–through life’s everyday challenges, and have developed a trick or two that I’d now like to share with others.

Through “The Next Chapter”, I aim to help people find real-world ways to deal with the ordeals they face every day. I’m not selling quick fixes or ‘easy’ solutions. I am instead, sharing my own life’s experiences, how I turned my dreams into reality in the hopes that others will find their path to achieving their goals, growing their sense of self-worth, so they may in turn, be able to go out and help someone else do the same.

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