Hello! I’m Dana Ellington, indie – published author, business owner, writing coach, wife, mother, full time employee, and founder of “The Next Chapter”.  I’m not a therapist, a psychologist, nor a psychiatrist or “life coach.”

Instead, I like to tell people I’m an alchemist – I have a process by which I turn dreams into reality.

Through “The Next Chapter”, I aim to help people transform their desires into the reality of their best lives to date. I’m not selling quick fixes or ‘easy’ solutions. I am instead, sharing the many activities, tricks, tools, and processes I used to achieve some of my biggest life goals.

You’ll probably notice the abundance of Danielle LaPorte materials listed  in the sidebars. There’s a reason for that and no, I don’t work for her; neither she, nor anyone in her company sponsor or are in any way affiliated with this business, website and its content.  The specific materials I’ve listed were the biggest game changers for me and so I recommend them to my clients.

If you dream of making this next ‘chapter’ of your life, the best one yet, then please, click over to the Contact page. Let’s schedule your free consultation!

Thank you and welcome to The Next Chapter.